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Own production

LLC "Tea Fanny WORLD" supplies all ingredients, equipment and consumable materials. The production is producing on Taiwan and Costa Rica Islands, where the technologies and the requirements for ingredients; equipment are presented at the highest level. Our long experience, professional policy and products quality of Tea Funny rightly gained the recognition of partners and fans of the brand.

Approach to the production:

  • Modern production line.
  • Products delivery of the best manufacturers from Taiwan and Costa Rica Islands.
  • Only natural ingredients using.
  • Widest range of tea concentrate, tea, coffee, fruit purees, syrups, toppings, mixtures,
  • equipment and consumable materials.
  • Consumable materials of the highest quality.
  • Quality control.
  • Mandatory product certification and permission to sell in Russia and around the world.
  • Innovative products made to enjoy everyone.


  • 12 Franchisee opened two and more cafes Tea Funny
  • More than 40 cafes paid in just under 8 months
  • The cafes, which are working more than two years has a turnover more than 600 000 rubles per month

Already drunk Tea Funny drinks

Top Company

346 sales points Tea Funny are working successfully in Russia and the CIS. The representative offices were opened in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Siberia and the Far East, Taiwan Island.

We took as a basis the best and most well-known varieties of Chinese tea and made tea concentrate Tea Funny. Our guests get an unbeatable tea quickly and with all the useful properties.

The main tea affect of Tea Funny - toppings. They are eating together with the tea using a wide tube. Our specialty toppings set the tone for the drink and immediately lift your spirits.

We prepare the tea of Tea Funny before the guests coming. Our perfect tea with toppings.
They are always fresh.

We are preparing the 1450 sorts of Tea Funny. This is the widest range of flavors in the drinks market. We add branded fruit purees and syrups from sunny Costa Rica Island.

We made a very convenient packaging: 100% sealed and mobile, you can take with you natural, fresh and incredibly tasty tea of Tea Funny.

Forbes magazine choice

The franchise of "Tea Funny WORLD" is recognized as one of the most profitable franchises in Russia by famous business edition Forbes in 2014 and 2015. We got the 2nd place in the overall ranking of franchises in 2015 and the 1 place among the fast food industry in Russia.

Forbes 2015 25 самых выгодных франшизForbes 2014 25 самых выгодных франшиз

Stars attention


Айза Долматова
Mikhail Turetskiy
Юлия Ковальчук
Nike Borzov
Николай Басков
Evgeny Styichkin

Vlad Sokolovsky and
Rita Dakota opened
the cafe Tea Funny

Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота открыли кафе Tea Funny
Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота открыли кафе Tea Funny
Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота открыли кафе Tea Funny


Оскар Кучера
Daniil Fedorov
Владимир Петров
Ekaterina Skulkina
Анита Цой
Mark Tishman

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